Is it time you learned to meditate? Make 2021 the year that you started experiencing the benefits of a regular meditation practice!

Spring in the Seasonal Lounge

Spring in the Seasonal Lounge

"If we can develop a deeper understanding of the seasonal and energetic changes constantly influencing our external world, we might then adapt our meditation practices to better nourish and balance our inner world."

Sarah, Quiet Mind Meditation

Welcome to The Seasonal Lounge

JOIN US for a three month journey through the season of Spring with weekly content that offers guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and sacred rituals ... in alignment with the energetic elements of this Season: 

💫Spring is the season of nourishing and celebrating the blossoming of tender new growth. Meditation themes: Awakening. Renewal. Growth.

Spring invites us to awaken. To consider new routines and practices, or try a new lifestyle, to shake and move the body, mind, and spirit. Spring holds a promise of renewal .. and that with clarity and commitment, everything can begin again or start anew.

The Seasonal Lounge is a year-long journey that provides us with the personal practices to harmonise with the seasonal cycle. You can join us for a month, a season or the full year .. moving in alignment with the seasons.

💫Summer is nature’s season of bold fire energy that drives nature upward and outward. Meditation themes: Restoring Balance. Action. Expression. 
💫Autumn is the time of gathering, harvesting and storing before Winter’s rest. Meditation themes: Preparation. Transition. Releasing. 
💫Winter is nature's period of withdrawal, allowing space for replenishment and gestation. Meditation themes: Refuge. Harmony. Reflection.

Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar

Spring Season : September to November 2021

September 2019 : THE SENSES
As the sunshine returns and the earth begins to soften and blossom .. Spring signifies the end of hibernation and the start of something new, she is calling us to come play and we are longing for endless blue skies, to breathe the warm air and touch the earth with our body. Spring is the time for awakening and exploring through our five primary senses. 

October 2019 : HEALING
The wisdom of renewal and rebirth. As the world around us sprouts and blossoms, and there is an abundance of yang-energy inspiring creation and action: so we might now pause to assess, and commit (or re-commit) to the self-care practices that will heal and support us to bloom. Sunlight shines in abundance for a greater sense of personal wellbeing.

November 2019 : CONNECTION
“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly - growth is a process” (Rupi Kaur) and as nature moves through the process of transformation and growth, we are also drawn to participating more deeply in all of life. Nature reminds us of this longing to care and connect with life, to grow within ourselves, and in our relationship with the world around us. 

These Spring themes will inspire and guide our meditation practices, mindfulness exercises and daily rituals: to align and balance our inner world with the external world around us.

You shall receive ..

Access to a range of tools and resources, including PDF and audio guides in alignment with the monthly theme, along with a constantly growing library of permanent resources:

  • Seasonal Living eMagazine (PDF) a bumper guide to living and embracing the gifts of each season with guest teachers from the wisdom traditions Qigong, Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Monthly themed content to fine-tune awareness (mindfulness) to the energetic elements at play
  • Weekly (each Monday, x4 per month) content including a meditation practice, mindfulness exercise and sacred ritual aligned with our theme
  • Access to the month's content is open for two full months so you have time to dip in and find what you need. You will be advised before the month is finally archived (until the following year). 
  • Plus .. access to new content, a growing archive of guided meditations both audio and video, and 50% off new courses and programs!

You shall learn ..

  • how to connect more deeply with meditation as a whole of life practice; embracing the formal seated practice, informal daily mindfulness, and sacred rituals
  • about the Seasonal Mindfulness Calendar which helps us develop mindful awareness with a sense of curiosity and playfulness
  • a range of tools to develop greater awareness and appreciation for the seasonal cycles of life
  • how to integrate these practices into daily life so you continue to nourish your journey
  • insights and antidotes from my own 25+ year personal meditation journey.

Take what you need. Start there.

This is your journey. Your experience will be as varied as the landscape of your inner world and the lens of your own life experiences .. so there will always be new seeds to sow and nourish, harvest and store.

Find what YOU need. Each month there are new practices, fresh content, and invitations to dive a little deeper. You may be drawn to follow the weekly map of practices and rituals; or you may dip in and find the practices that resonate most with you in the moment.

There is no one way. This is YOUR journey and YOUR experience.

Please reach out if you have any questions .. at

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Spring Awakening eMagazine 2021

The Senses : September practices

Healing : October practices'

Connection : November practices

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